Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zazzle Customization is Easy!!!

Most items are Customizable, and when I say customizable here is what I mean. If you like one of the items below or in my shop but would prefer for it to say your name instead of Merry Christmas, etc...

Click on the product you like:
Links are highlighted below picture

Click on The Customize Button.
Then look to the right of the screen and you will see Merry Christmas click on that and then you have to option there to:

Change Text:
So click on change text,and another screen will pop up with the words Merry Christmas. Just delete Merry Christmas, and type in your name, your kids name,or whatever you want to be there.

Then you have to option to:
Change Size: Make text larger or smaller
Change Color:Change the color of text
Change Font: Change the font {{{311 different fonts to choose from}}}

Not all Zazzle stores allow customization in their shops, but I do allow with most of my items.

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